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Let boudoir empower you with a new sense of self-confidence. Let’s face it. Booking a boudoir shoot can be intimidating. We all have self-doubt, are nervous, and ask ourselves if we even deserve it. Truth be told, if you’re booking with Hush. Luxe Boudoir, all of those doubts can be put aside. With an all-female staff, our mission is to make every client’s experience comfortable, classy, and memorable.

At Hush. Luxe Boudoir, we specialize in creating the ultimate experience by ensuring each and every client feels safe and secure in our private studio. We inspire confidence that shines through you. It’s time to embrace your feminine side and be reminded that your beauty is individual and perfect.

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Introducing our Sit & Sip experience. 
Paint your best "ass"ets- perfect for a moms or ladies night out, bachelorette, or birthday party.
Come to our monthly event, or book your own personal celebration for any reason!

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Seeking the Thrill

Classically chic with an adventurous streak

Our clients walk away feeling more confident and sexy than they’ve ever felt before. Every woman deserves to feel excited about her feminine side and let her confidence shine.  A boudoir experience can showcase every incredible stage of your life, whether it’s a wedding gift, a cherished pregnancy, or to celebrate yourself. There is so much more to every woman than her waist size. Feel closer and intimate with your own body, or share it with someone you love in an exceptionally unique way.

Boudoir is all about vulnerability and stripping down to reveal who you are. Ease your nerves and get your questions answered with a pre-consultation call, where we can set up your customized experience that’s all about you. 


From your head

to your toes, we love it all.

Our style is vibrant, luxurious, and dramatic, characterized by the use of natural light and multiple sets. We have created a collection of poses that every bombshell gets during her session. The images created at Hush. Lush Boudoir is a combination of location, photography skills, the light quality in the studio, my makeup artist’s talent, and the quality of outfits that you bring.
Hush. Luxe Boudoir is made up of a 100% female team. It is comprised of me, Cait (photographer and owner), Jordan, Susan, and Rowe (our fabulous hair & makeup artists), The studio is in my private home located in central Edmond, and you can comfortably walk around in lingerie knowing you are the only client. You and I will be the only people in the shooting area unless you invite someone to come give you moral support. 


About the Photographer.

What is your story?

Hey, I’m Cait. After years of struggling with an eating disorder, health problems, losing a baby, and delivering a wild child, I finally saw myself as beautiful, strong, and worthy when I booked my own boudoir session. I realized I deserve to feel this way. Then I finally followed my childhood dream, picked up my camera, and started showing other women how much I dream of this for them too. Based out of Edmond, Oklahoma, I have been photographing for over 2 years now in my private studio. 


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Be transformed from an everyday woman to a boudoir bombshell! This is your day. Prepare to feel like the Queen that you are. Upon your arrival, we’ll go through your outfit choices together and decide what’s best. Then, relax with hair, makeup, snacks, and drinks. Once you’re ready, we’ll start in the studio where the nerves will disappear quickly. You’ll get to see a few sneaks on the camera as we work. By the end of the session, you’ll want to keep shooting because it’s such a blast.
Striking the perfect post is what we’re here to help you with. Every body is beautiful, and we know how to flatter your body type. Some poses will feel awkward or difficult to hold, but trust us, it will look amazing. If you have any inspirational photos of poses you love, bring those with you. If you have an idea, let’s try it- you should feel sexy!


We aim to give you more than you thought possible. After all, you deserve it.

Are you worried about not having the right clothing pieces and accessories for your shoot? No problem! We have a client closet full of fun jewelry, shoes, stockings, and intimate apparel that’s sure to make you feel confident and sexy! Don’t worry if you’re missing something from your wardrobe because we can probably help with that! We've got you covered...alomst!
Once your photos are ready, you’ll be invited back to the studio to view pricing and album options, which takes around an hour. We will help you choose your best images and choose your album and prints for the the collection of your choice. Same day reveals can be scheduled in advance. Final products will be ready within approximately 3-5 weeks.

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invest in the moment

You can never put a price on an image, each moment only happens once. 

When you book your customized experience at just $250, you’ll receive a consultation, style and posing guidance + expression coaching, an hour long session with on-site professional full hair and makeup, refreshments, access to our client closet, one complimentary digital image to take away, and in-person viewing and selection of your fully edited photos. Be sure to bring a credit card because you WILL want your photos! Payment plans available.
Sessions are held on Saturdays all year, as well as weekdays during June and July. I get booked two months in advance, and album production is four to six weeks, so it’s never too early to book your appointment, even if it’s not for another year. The earlier you book the better. You don’t necessarily need to decide on a collection until after your session is done. I want you to fall in love with your images first before you make a decision on your investment. You can pay with a credit card or use our in house interest-free financing. 

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