Meet Cait

August 24, 2021

You're probably thinking I'm going to go on and on about why I'm a photographer, but that is simple.  I love letting women be themselves and step into who they truly are in front of my camera.  The end result, when someone says "OH MY GOSH, IS THAT REALLY ME?!"  brings me so much joy. It means I have truly done my job, and fulfilled the gift I have been given, and that is why I hope you're here.

I know that boudoir can be extremely intimidating when you have no idea who's back there snapping 800 photos (literally) of you, so I thought I would dig down deep and give you the inside scoop and some little known facts about me.

When some people meet me, they think I'm upset or angry. Nope.
That's just my RBF showing.  

Smiling takes energy, and I have a wild 4-year-old and a 31-year-old man child that I also call my husband. Take that for whatever it's worth. If you're guessing that I need caffeine to survive on a daily basis, and even then,  still need a nap, you guessed 100% right.  Mom tired is so real-nap when the baby naps exists in my world.

I'm a military wife, I enjoy playing pranks on my husband, which is basically a full time hobby.  *Re-insert RBF.*  He never knows what I'm up to. 

I love "Austin Powers", "Superstar!", and "Old School". If you haven't seen any or all of these, please watch before your session so we can be best friends.

Johnny Depp and Jason Statham are my all time celeb crushes. *Drool*

I'm a Type 1 Diabetic (and most likely, the world's worst), so if you haven't met me yet, just pay no mind to the cords and thingies on me. They're just here to help me live my best life because I love snacks and everything sweet.

I JAM to 80s rock. Queen, AC/DC, Journey,  Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses-I love it all. Early 2000's rap makes my mornings so much better- I let out my inner gangsta and rap with Luda- and don't forget Genuwine. Sometimes I pretend I'm Miranda Lambert or crank up  Miley.  I like to think I'm pretty well rounded.

I once stood less than an inch away from Joan Jett, and I honestly almost cried. If you want to see woman power at it's finest, she's it. 

I have ADHD which many times causes a circus, but truthfully I'm not ashamed of it because it's one giant reason I'm the creative I am today.  It's also the reason for an eating disorder that I battle with daily, and lots of things I do or feel, I used to think were weird and out of the norm, but that's okay.  I'm learning, growing, and becoming a woman I'm proud of.

What I'm trying to get at is this: We're all imperfect in so many ways, but each and every one of those imperfections is what makes us beautiful, and that's what I want to capture during your experience. I want to know your problems, your fears, your secrets, your joys and celebrations. Set your emotions out on the table, get comfortable and bare it all.  Let your body tell your story- I bet it's amazing and I can't wait for it!


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